Please call Secret Headquarters at 323.666.2228 or e-mail us at SHQ@TheSecretHeadquarters.com before bringing your comics into the store. If you have a list of your comics, please feel free to send it along.

We cannot evaluate your comics over the phone. If you have any comics that might meet our buying criteria, we will need to see them in person in order to judge their condition.

Sell us your comic book collection!

That’s right; Secret Headquarters wants to buy your books! If you would like to sell your books to us please read the guidelines below as they will answer most of your questions.

We are willing to look at any collection, large or small, but cannot guarantee that we will make an offer.

Condition is key! We plan to re-sell these books.

 What We Do Not Buy:

  • Coverless comics

  • Smelly comics (mold/mildew/smoke smell)

  • Trading cards

What We Are Interested In:

  • Golden Age Comics (1955 and earlier)

  • Pre-1975 super-hero comics. (Most of these comics will show a cover price of 25 cents or less. Marvel and DC Comics are in higher demand while comics from different publishers are less so.)

  • Recent comic book collections that complete a set or run of a title

  • Desirable current titles like The Walking Dead

  • Recent comics that feature a key first appearance (such as Venom in Amazing Spider-Man)

  • Underground comix (RAWZap, etc.)

  • Select trade paperbacks and hardcovers

  • Original comic book art

  • Pulp magazines

  • Art books

  • Vintage comic oddities